Monday, January 5, 2009

Post # 5 Who are the founder of Canopic Jars ?

The founders are horons 4 sons and horons !! ok weird name but back to what we are talking about. They are the people who protect the Canopic jars they are the co- finder of Canopic Jars. But there once was a person who oned the canopic jars but the 4 sons took over this was very rearr for some body like that as 4 people protecting the Canopic Jars. Some of the people was ever day farm people who will get mummifcation it was very sad but the poor was not a wealthy as the wealthy they had money but not as much as the rich.

Post # 4 Why was the organs important to egyptians ?

The Organs was important to the egyptians cause thats when they did wrap the body up the animals got to it and they start eating the mummies organs , heads, and body and the body decate very fast. The Organs was but in a wood are a stone and set in side canopic jars and then it was set inside the Canopic Cheast. The organs was very important because the different types of animals heads that was on there. thats so weird how they but different ever time. Thats how it rep the person thats dead.

Post # 3 What color was the canopic jars ?

Canopic Jars Was all was made from clay that was the most popular thing that it is made from . The Canopic Jars had a lot of colors the most colorful thing will be the head why do they have so many different types of head wow . Wealthy people had mummies as Canopic Jars and it was paint gold . And the poor had clay Canopic Jars . How did the Canopic Jars come about the color them who nose . The Canopic Jars was like a lot of different colors and some of the colors had been mix with other colors . How did the Egyptian come about Canopic Jars color was it very important to egyptian ? Yes !! it was very important to egyptian. Well the BIG important thing to egyptians was the size of the Canopic Jars cause if the it was to small they will store them but if it was to big they will but it up or thoe it a way cause that is not what they stand four the most popular animals was a cat . The color was very important to the egyptians.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Post #2 What is the story behind Canopic Jars ?

The story behind Canopic Jars are that the egyptian use then to put organs in there . They just did hold organs the hold jewel. The Canopic Jars was very important to the egyptians cause the value the organs and that was one thing they wont to keep was the organs. In the Canopic Cheast it was four different animal heads and differnet Canopic Jars some Canopic Jars was in a sape of a mummie some may look like a Canopic Jars it was many different types of Canopic Jars but them was the most popular type of Canopic jars. Some egyptian use all mummies for there Canopic Jars all the wealthy people had gold Canopic Jars and even thoe the Canopic Jars was very weird it was a part of egyptian daily life. And the poor color Canopic Jars was blan clay color .

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Post # 1 What are Canopic Jars made from ?

Canopic Jars are made from Clay and Sand them where the two important ones they where made from. They are also made from different things two. There where four people who protected them Horen four sons. All thoe the Canopic Jars was very important to egpytian I think that is just naste how they take the organs out of the body they should just leven them in there better yet dont even touch the body. But the Canopic Jars are made form Clay and Sand they where the to major things they made them form.

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