Monday, December 15, 2008

Post #2 What is the story behind Canopic Jars ?

The story behind Canopic Jars are that the egyptian use then to put organs in there . They just did hold organs the hold jewel. The Canopic Jars was very important to the egyptians cause the value the organs and that was one thing they wont to keep was the organs. In the Canopic Cheast it was four different animal heads and differnet Canopic Jars some Canopic Jars was in a sape of a mummie some may look like a Canopic Jars it was many different types of Canopic Jars but them was the most popular type of Canopic jars. Some egyptian use all mummies for there Canopic Jars all the wealthy people had gold Canopic Jars and even thoe the Canopic Jars was very weird it was a part of egyptian daily life. And the poor color Canopic Jars was blan clay color .

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