Monday, January 5, 2009

Post # 3 What color was the canopic jars ?

Canopic Jars Was all was made from clay that was the most popular thing that it is made from . The Canopic Jars had a lot of colors the most colorful thing will be the head why do they have so many different types of head wow . Wealthy people had mummies as Canopic Jars and it was paint gold . And the poor had clay Canopic Jars . How did the Canopic Jars come about the color them who nose . The Canopic Jars was like a lot of different colors and some of the colors had been mix with other colors . How did the Egyptian come about Canopic Jars color was it very important to egyptian ? Yes !! it was very important to egyptian. Well the BIG important thing to egyptians was the size of the Canopic Jars cause if the it was to small they will store them but if it was to big they will but it up or thoe it a way cause that is not what they stand four the most popular animals was a cat . The color was very important to the egyptians.

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